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GRL-WP-BST-C3 Tester Configuration

Scope of this Article

This Article serves as a reference document for the user to configure and set up the GRL-WP-BST-C3 (aka GRL-C3) WPC Qi Wireless Charging Base Station Tester Hardware before running tests via the GRL-C3 Automation Test Browser Application.

Test Configuration with GRL-C3

The GRL-C3 Browser App Test Configuration screen allows the user to select which set of tests is run on the DUT, set up test parameters, run selected tests and generate test reports.

  1. Open the GRL-C3 Browser App and connect to the GRL-C3 tester hardware. For details on using the Browser App and initial hardware setup, refer to the GRL-C3 Browser App user documentation in http://graniteriverlabs.com/download-center/.
  2. Go to the “Test Configuration” screen as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Test Configuration Screen

Before running any tests, make sure to configure the Tester Configuration pane as described below.

Tester Configuration

Set up the GRL-C3 tester hardware identification as follows:

Figure 2: Configure Tester

  • PRMC Code: Enter the Power Receiver Manufacturer Code (PRMC) ID of the TPR in the PRMC Code field.
  • Basic Device Identifier: Enter the Basic Device Identifier ID of the TPR in the Basic Device Identifier field.